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Guide to Zoom Meeting Controls

How do I join a Zoom meeting? The best method for joining a Zoom Meeting is through the application on your computer, laptop or phone/tablet. You will be prompted to download the app onto your desktop when accessing your first Zoom meeting. To download ahead of time, please click this link: Once the app is downloaded onto your device, click the meeting link listed in your agenda and you will be entered into the meeting.

  • When you join the Zoom meeting, you should see a control bar at the bottom of your screen that looks like the photo below (Note: If using an iPad/Tablet, your control bar may be at the top of your screen.)

  • How do I adjust audio settings? To adjust your audio settings, click on the arrow (^)to the right of the microphone icon on the bottom left of the screen.

  • How do I turn my camera on and adjust video settings? To turn on your video, click on the video icon. Click the arrow (^) to the right of the video camera icon on the bottom left of the control bar to access your video settings. In the settings menu, you even have the ability to change/add a virtual background!

  • How do I mute/unmute audio? During our virtual gatherings, there will be times where we may ask you to mute your microphone. You can do this by clicking on the microphone icon. When you are successfully muted, there will be a red line across your microphone icon. To unmute, simply click on the microphone icon again, and the red line will disappear. (Shortcut: you can also mute and unmute yourself in a Zoom meeting by holding down the “space” bar on your keyboard.)

  • I can only see one person on my screen, how do I change that so I can see everyone? If you are only seeing one person on your screen at a time, that means your screen is on “active speaker view”. You will need to switch to “gallery view” to see all participants on screen. In the upper right corner of your Zoom window, click on Speaker view and then choose Gallery View (see photos below).

  • If using an iPad or tablet, you should see the option to switch to Gallery view on the top left of your screen.

  • Depending on the device you are using, you should be able to see up to 25 people on your screen. You can click on the left and right arrows to scroll to the other pages of video tiles on a desktop/laptop, or simply swipe right or left on your screen if using a tablet.

  • How do I “raise my hand”? For our discussion and debriefs, we’ll invite you to “raise your hand” in order to avoid multiple people speaking at once. To raise your hand, click on “participants” in the control bar at the bottom of your screen. This will open a box to the right of your screen where you are able to see the meeting participants. At the bottom of this box, you should see the “raise hand” icon.

  • How do I share my screen? To share your screen, click “share screen” in the control bar.

You will then see a screen that displays different options for your screen share. These are either different tabs you have open on your desktop, or different monitor views. Click on the screen you would like to share.

Note: If you will be showing a video during your screen share, please check the “share computer sound” and “optimize for full screen video clip” boxes at the bottom of this screen.

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